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* Business Profile, including Products, Services, Competitors

* Business Background * Business Registration, including Major Shareholder and Other Details

* Background of Corporate Officers and Directors

* On-site Inspection and Operational Verification

* Bankruptcy/Litigation Checks

* Reputation/Integrity Check

* Asset/Bank Search

* Life Insurance Claims

* Travel Insurance Claims

* Disability Claims

* Vehicle Accident Injury and Repair Claims

* General Personal Injury Claims

* Health and Medical Claims

* Identity Check (Name, Age, Birthplace)

* Fraud, Scam and Blacklist Checks

* Lifestyle Check

* Marital Status Verification

* Child Status Verification

* Address Check

* Employment Verification

* Education Verification

* Criminal Record Check (optional)

* Travel/Immigration Verification (optional)

* Asset Valuation (optional)

* Claimant and Witness Interviews

* Document Verification

* Neighbourhood Canvassing

* Background Investigations

* Route and Travel Checks

* Third Party Interviews

* Receipt and Price Checks

* Recorded Statements and Transcripts

* Scene Photos

* Forensic Analysis


All your corporate needs in one location, please contact us with your investigation details which we will review and advise you as soon as possible, Rates for personal and corporate documentation and surveillance/undercover work are priced exactly the same, we do not charge higher prices if we think an individual/organisation has more money or charge less if they have a smaller budget. We will advise based on what data you have and what answers you would like to achieve the costs are standard costs but of course it depends how deep you go into an investigation as to how much you spend. The only thing that is free is advice after that you make the choice of how to proceed. See below a list of our corporate services anything you require that is not listed please ask as services do change due to new sources or restrictions by officials