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Spy On Thai

Spy On Thai investigators are well aware that this is a very turbulent emotional time trying to decide whether it's all in your mind the little things that don’t add up or are you over reacting? There probably is nothing wrong? Well unfortunately We cannot answer those questions unless we investigate them. We are not going to give you any stories about customers experiences as to us every customer is unique, situations different, circumstances varying.

Some emigrate to Thailand and live long happy lives with loving partners and unfortunately some don’t. Many people visit Thailand to enjoy its culture and natural beauty....It is however a fact that Thailand is a popular destination for those who are commonly known as "sex tourists" in Thailand today this group of people are not exclusively male. In recent years Thailand has become popular with western women seeking much younger partners or companions. The most common place to meet Thai's is via the internet or bars. All we want to do is check that the person you are willing to give everything up for is the person that they say they are, we have many methods that we use to verify they are who and what you believe they are.

Spyonthai investigators are not here to judge anybody everybody has reason for doing what they do and how they do it but one thing is for sure as humans we instinctively tell lies, some of us small 'white lies' others larger ones with more consequences, generally the more a person has to lose the more they will lie to keep what they have, sometimes for good reasons sometimes selfish ones. Spyonthai investigators are here to find out the TRUTH and only the truth, we will uncover the facts whether they are what you are hoping to hear or what you most fear, either way allowing you to concentrate on enjoying your life with that special someone who is genuine or saving yourself future heartache, emotional and financial We use many different investigators Thai and Western(Farang) when investigating, as not to arouse suspicion, a Westerner in a predominately Thai district will stand out like a sore thumb, whilst a Thai in a 'working bar' has the same effect. We change investigators as often as required to minimize the risk of detection and reduce the risk from dangerous situations. Spyonthai investigators will NOT take your case if we think we cannot give you what you require. We have many investigators working for us, we dedicate 1 team to your case, we DO NOT AND WILL NOT investigate your case and others at the same time. We are committed only to you, this might mean you have to wait a week or 2 before we can start if you want your investigation to be handled properly.

Please see visit one of our investigator competitors or we are more than happy to recommend some investigators here in Thailand Spyonthai investigators can of course provide visual/verbal evidence. Many of our customers have requested this, it requires our investigator to make verbal contact with the subject....this encounter may lead to a situation where our investigator is able to collect visual/verbal evidence for the customer.....usually this is achieved when the subject agrees to leave their working establishment with our investigator

Whatever your situations please don't be embarrassed, we have completed many investigations, heard all the lies and seen all the tricks, if you want to use an alias that’s fine by us. Information supplied is strictly confidential and is closely guarded, only authorized investigator personnel have access Our main operating areas are Bangkok and Pattaya, but will cover all of Thailand from chiang rai/mai – Phuket though this may incur extra costs due to travel and accommodation. If we have other investigators already in that area once they have finished their current case we will place them directly on your case saving you costs where we can. If you would like FREE advice or a FREE visit our contact us

The  investigation business can sometimes lead to very dangerous situations as disgruntled business owners or 'pimps' living off your maintenance money do not take kindly to lost sales or income due to our Investigations, we therefore insist that all correspondence between yourselves and us is kept strictly confidential as to protect our investigators working other similar assignments in the same areas in the future area covered Spyonthai Investigations main Location is Bangkok but we cover and have extensive experience in Pattaya and Koh samui, surin, Korat, Nong Khai, Knon Kaen, Chaing Rai, Surat Thani, In recent years about 50% of our work is in North East (Issan) where Thai agents are essential, We have Completed assignments in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Cambodia and Macau. We also have agents based in Vietnam We currently have 16 detectives, male and female, Thai and western based in Thailand running 4 teams Please note extra fees (travel/hotel etc) are applicable for assignments outside our 'normal' area unless we already have an agent investigating in your required area

Personal Spy

* Lifestyle Check

* Identity Check (personal ID)

* Marital Status (present and past)

* Dependant Verification

* Resident Address Verification

* Education

* Financial Status

* Blacklist

* Criminal Record check ( Royal Thai Police)

* Immigration Check

* Asset Valuation

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