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Always has and always will be the backbone of most investigations, technology can advance but physical eyes on the ground from an experienced Thailand Detective cannot be beaten, click to

Corporate Spy

There is more than one way to get the answers you require not just surveillance or undercover work but obtaining documents and records can sometimes give you the answers alone or in conjunction with other services click the button to                               

Undercover Spy

Undercover work is generally where a Thailand Pi needs actual contact with the suspect, this can be engaging in chat, flirting or for corporate actually working within the company, click the button to

Spy Phones

We were the first company in Thailand to provide this technology others soon jumped on board charging ridiculous prices. We will tell you where to buy at cost price - Free Advice click here to

Personal Spy

Spy On Thai Investigators are well aware that this is a very turbulent emotional time trying to decide whether its all in your mind the little things that don’t add up or are you over reacting? There probably is nothing wrong!!!! click here to

Pi Technologies

As technology advances so does the equipment available to investigators but please don't mistake an everyday Bangkok investigation agency for having the same budget as the NSA,

click the button to

Legal Cases

We are from what we know very rare in that we can provide evidence in a court of law, 99% of other investigation companies in Thailand are unable to perform this task!! Why you may ask?.............. please click the button here to discover why

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GPS Tracking

Advances in Technology have allowed the battery life for GPS vehicle trackers to finally become useful in the investigations world, many phones and instant chat programs contain GPS

Privileged Data

This Is information mainly in documents form that is not available to the average man on the street, we use many contacts we have built over the years to gain access to this highly confidential data click to