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Our Thai Surveillance Package provides the means to observe someone or something's movements, activities, location, as well as interactions with other people. Our investigators use the utmost care with the latest technologies and also provide video and photographic evidence whenever possible. We make use of undercover vehicles equipped with all advanced technology to get closer to the subject when necessary. Our Thai surveillance is unobtrusive as our goal is to protect your confidentiality as well as our agents safety. We provide daily summary reports and real-time alerts, as well as final report, pictures and video within 24 hours of completion. We have been providing accurate and comprehensive professional investigations for many years and are regularly hired by

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multinational corporations, small/medium enterprises, legal firms and consumers to get to the truth about other businesses. Using high-tech tools as well as human intelligence and proprietary research techniques, our teams of investigators and analysts gather information from various public and private physical and digital sources for our detailed report. We use teams of agents not just individuals which is what most other agencies will do but just not tell you that. as we say in the private detective business One is none and two is one, think about that when you decide who to trust with your assignment.

Bangkok - For surveillance in Bangkok we prefer to use full teams which consists of 3-4 staff and 2 vehicles, a truck/car and a motorbike, following a subject around Bangkok is probably one of the most difficult due to the number of ways someone can commute and the intense traffic jams and reckless driving. If we only send a motorbike for example and the subject takes certain bridges or the highway in a car/taxi then they are lost as a motorbike cannot take these routes by law, if it also becomes late evening or early hours of the morning motorbikes are rare at these times and often get stopped by the police.

If we just send a car and the subject takes motorbike/motorbike taxi or even another car the traffic alone can mean the subject is lost, people jumping traffic lights, cutting in front, stopping for no reason as we cannot sit on the tail of a car all the time we have to stay a few cars back to remain hidden.

For these reason we prefer the full team, we will give you the option of what we call half team which is 2 staff and one vehicle which is more than other companies give you. We believe if a job is worth doing its worth doing properly the first time which long run saves costs as do the job 1 time only and gives the required answers now rather than a few weeks or months later when the only opportunity may arise to follow the subject again depending on the subjects schedule.